We offer a wide range of HVAC services including installation, repair, and maintenance.

Typically every 30 days, but high traffic (kids) and/or animals may require more frequent cleaning or replacement of filters.

Should I turn off my a/c when I leave?

No. Turn your thermostat up a few degrees. It is more cost-effective and you are not as uncomfortable when you return.

Manufacturers recommend once a year. If you have not had your air conditioner’s annual maintenance done, call us today 772-336-2448

Usually, a clogged drain is the problem. The drain terminates outdoors. Locate the PVC drain pipe and use a wet vacuum to suck out the clog. You should then call us to schedule a more thorough cleaning.

Check your filters. Very dirty filters can cause an ice-up. Turn the system off for 8 hours, replace the filter, and restart the air conditioner. If the filters appear to be clean and you continue to experience ice, call us immediately—you may have a more serious problem.

  •  Check that the Thermostat is set properly.
  • Give the system enough time to cool
  • Check the Air Handler and Condenser are both running
  • Check the circuit breakers.

If system is still not cooling properly, please call us 772-336-2448


Your air conditioner is the largest energy consumer in your house (unless you have teenagers). If you are experiencing multiple repairs, frequent repairs, high electric bills, your a/c unit is old, or your a/c is not able to cool on the hottest of days—these can all be signs of the need to replace your air conditioner.


Most modern air conditioners share a lot of the same components. Your new air conditioner’s longevity and optimal performance depend more on our correct and accurate installation.

Our systems have a 10-YEAR MANUFACTURERS PARTS WARRANTY. (select maintenance and refrigerant). There is no annual contract required although yearly maintenance is recommended

Absolutely. Think of SEER2 like gas mileage—the higher the number the lower the cost to run. You should balance the cost of the new system with the expected energy savings of the increased SEER2. Our service technicians at Tracy Steele A/C, Inc., can explain these savings to you.

The cost of an air conditioner can vary greatly between the air conditioners’ size, brands, models, and installation requirements. Call us today at 772-336-2448 so we can assess your specific needs and provide an accurate proposal.


There are many types of filters on the market. We typically recommend standard everyday filters unless a person is dealing with allergies. Pleated filters may be the answer. A person with allergies should not change the filter. If this cannot be avoided, gloves and a dust mask are recommended.

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